German Poisonous Plant of the Year 2023: Parsley

A poisonous kitchen herb?
Every year, the Botanical Special Garden Wandsbek in Hamburg announces the German Poisonous Plant of the Year. After the potato in the previous year, for 2023, it is parsley (Petroselinum crispum). The choice of parsley as the Poisonous Plant of the Year is intended to remind us that even seemingly harmless plants can have their dangers. It is important to be aware of the potential risks and side effects of plants and to use them only after careful research.
Dangerous parsley?
Parsley is a biennial plant that initially forms the well-known, low, basal rosette, which is indispensable in many kitchens. In the second year, the plant develops up to 70 cm tall flowering stems that bear inconspicuous yellowish-green flowers. Toxic seeds develop from these flowers. The seeds contain parsley oil, which contains the phenylpropanoid apiol. Consuming it in high doses can lead to allergic reactions and even liver, heart, and kidney damage.
There’s a badge!
If you identify a parsley plant with your Flora Incognita app this year, you will receive the ‘Poisonous Plant of the Year 2023’ badge for your profile!

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