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No, the app is completely free of charge and advertising.

Tap on the three dots next to the camera icon when prompted to take the first photo. The camera icon becomes a gallery icon, which you can use to load images from your device’s photo memory into the app. Location and time of recording is read from the photo and stored in the observation.

Every observation you confirm is automatically saved in your profile and can be viewed at any time under „My observations“. If you use Flora Incognita with a guest profile, i.e. without a user account, your observations will not be saved and will be lost if you log out or uninstall the app.

You can delete individual observations by wiping the observation to the left in the observation list. The possibility to delete several observations at once does not exist yet.

Yes, if a plant identification has been saved, you can change the plant name afterwards under the menu item „My observations“. Select the respective observation and tap on the pen to the right of the species name. You can also edit the notes for this observation by tapping the orange pen in the note field.

Under „My observations“ you can export completed observations to your photo gallery or share them directly with other people.  Tap on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. If you are in full view mode of a photo, you can export or share simply this single photo.

You can also export the entire observation list with species name and coordinates.

For some Android phones an additional file manager has to be installed (e.g. the TotalCommander).

If it is not possible for you to photograph a perspective required by the app, e.g. because the plant has no flower or leaves, you can skip that perspective. Tap on the arrow to the right of the camera symbol. This will take you to the next perspective.

The menu will take you to the profile page where you can log in. If you have forgotten your password, there is the option „Forgot your password?“ Tap on this option and enter your e-mail address. You will then receive a link to create a new password.

You do not need a profile in order to identify plants with the Flora Incognita App. If you don´t want a profile, tap „Without profile“ on the login page.

To create a profile, all you need to do is enter an e-mail address and a password. All your recorded observations will be stored under this profile. This allows you to log into the Flora Incognita App on other or new devices and have your entire observation list anywhere with you.

The aim of Flora Incognita as a research project is mapping plants. This is only possible if we have locations for all the plants recorded. When you share the plant’s location you make an important contribution to biodiversity monitoring and biodiversity research. A first publication using Flora Incognita observation shows promising results.

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If you want to take images with the Flora Incognita app or identify a plant photo from your device memory, the app must be able to access the photos in the media storage. Once access to the data storage has been denied, the app will not be able to take a picture or identify photos from your storage. The camera won’t open. In this case, you will have to grant access to the media storage manually in the settings of your smartphone. Please enter the permissions under the settings in your phone.

Currently Flora Incognita can distinguish between 4.840 different vascular plants. This means that wild herbs, trees, grasses and ferns are identified, whereas mosses, lichens and fungi will not be identified. Cultivated species and varieties are also not included in the app, as the Flora Incognita project focuses on wild plant species.

With the Flora Incognita App, plants can be automatically identified using one or a maximum of three photos. The Flora Capture App, on the other hand, collects specific plant photos from specific perspectives, which are transferred to our databases and thus improve automatic photo identification.

Flora Incognita versus Flora Capture

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