Flora Incognita

Automated plant identification

What’s blooming there? The Flora Incognita App enables you to identify the plants of Central Europe automatically quickly, easily and accurately .

The identification process is intuitive: take a picture of the flower and the leaf with camera of your smartphone. The unknown plant is then identified automatically within seconds. In addition to the specific plant species name, a species profile page presents further information such as characteristics, distribution or protection status of the species. You can also save, export or share your plant observations on different social media channels.

The app contains:

  • automatic identification of 4800+ plant species focused on the Central European wild flora
  • species portraits for each species with information on appearance, toxicity, protection status, distribution
  • more than 10.000 pictures of the Central European flora
  • a species list with all species
  • search and filter function for fast finding of a species
  • creation of observation lists export function of observations


  • We cannot include ornamental and indoor plants in the determination atthe present time.
  • We can no longer support Android 4.0. On old operating systems the appwill not work on some mobile phones.



An apk file is available upon request via support@floraincognita.com.