Why register? Use Flora Incognita as guest or user

Just to get one thing straight: In order to determine plants with Flora Incognita, no registration is necessary.

Advantages of a user account

Registering an email address with Flora Incognita is a great way to enjoy collecting plants. The reason: All observations created under the same account are bound to that account everywhere and at all times.  As a registered user, you can access all your findings at any time, view them, and soon (please be patient) read and export them.  Your observations will be preserved even if you switch to a new smartphone or change your device.

You also have the possibility to access your digital plant collection from several devices (e.g. smartphone + tablet).  You can change your password on your own  and even forget it, we will send you a link for a new one). All you need is your e-mail address.

If you are still worried because your location data will be linked to your email address, we have full understanding. However, the concern is unjustified.

Maybe a so-called single-use e-mail is something for you. This address is then detached from your other activities, but allows the creation of a permanent collection of plant specimens. Only the resetting of the password is not possible, because no e-mail is retrieved from such an address.

Guest account

Alternatively, you can also use a guest account. No registration is necessary. However, all observations will be bound to the device and will be lost when changing devices or in case of larger updates.  For people who first want to try and later become enthusiastic plant collectors, it is possible to convert a guest account into a user account afte

rwards. Simply contact us if you are unsure. You can reach us by e-mail, from the app via the „contact“ button or via our social media channels. We are happy to answer your questions.

Whether you collect plants as a guest, as an anonymous e-mail or with your name, we don’t care. What is important is that you always find new species of wild plants and get a feeling for the local flora. On the other hand, it is important that the observations are linked to the corresponding location data.  In the rare case that, for a cross-sector project, data should be passed on to other research institutions or nature conservation authorities, we have a safe process. If necessary (e.g. to document the phenological seasons of the DWD), a copy of our database without any account information will be handed over to the respective institution.

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