Phenological Season: Pre-spring

Phenological Season: Pre-spring
Phenological Season: Pre-spring

The phenological season of early spring is officially introduced by the blossoms of hazel and snowdrop. This date varies strongly between the years, stretching from mid December to end of February. Blooming shrubs of hazel have already been seen this year but how about the following species?


When does the early spring begin? Take pictures of the following species with Flora Capture or Flora Incognita as soon as the flower development begins!


Snowdrops are among the first blooming plants of the year. This is why they are frequently used as an indicator species for the phenological season of early spring. But where do they bloom first? If you find one, make an observation for us!


At first glance it looks like a Snowdrop, but there are definite differences. The petals of Spring Snowflakes are all of the same length and each has a green or yellow spot on its tip. It has a later blooming time than Snowdrop and occurs more often at higher altitudes. Who will discover one of them and submit an observation?


Winter Aconite is a stable naturalized neophyte, which means that this species has not been native to the respective region before the year 1492 AD. In many gardens it provides the first spots of colour. When does its blooming begin in your region?