Plant Pictures Wanted!

Are you an experienced botanist, whose computer is full of photographs of diverse plants? This could be a real treasure for our research project! One of our main tasks in 2017 is the acquisition of essential photo material which we need to train our image recognition software. The amount of photographs per individual plant have an impact on the success of our automated image recognition software.

We would really much appreciate every form of help and support! Especially the supply of self-taken photographs of plants (digital version is hereby preferred) would be a great support to our research project. The plants on the pictures should be identified already. We need photographs of the whole plant as well as several parts of the plant (inflorescence, blossom, leaves).

Your pictures will be a part of a huge pool of photographs that we will use as a basis for our image recognition algorithms. With your approval we will publish the pictures for research purposes only (e. g. within research papers). Needless to say, you will keep all the rights for your pictures.

Are you interested in becoming a part of our research team and contribute to our project? Then simply contact us via E-mail or give us a call:

Dr. Michael Rzanny
Tel.: 03641/576222

Dr. Jana Wäldchen
Tel.: 03677/694849

We would send you a USB stick or an external harddrive, where you can put your pictures on. Of particular importance would be the distinct assignment of the species name to the picture. But of course we can talk about the details in a personal conversation.

Thank you very much in advance! We are looking forward to hearing from you.