Flora Capture

Become part of our research team and help us building a comprehensive standardized image database for the training of our image recognition technologies.

In the growing season 2017, we are planning a comprehensive study to obtain the necessary image material for the training of our image recognition technology. For the first time, we would like to ask interested enthusiasts, besides the botanists and volunteers of TLUG.  We’ve developed an easy-to-use app that allows you to take pictures of plants and parts of plants, and to upload the images to our project server. This app is not intended to be used as an identification tool but is designed to build a large image database for our research project. These images are used for the development and training of image recognition technologies and are an important component for the implementation of a semi-automatic plant identification app. We look forward to a broad support from the population. Become part of our research team! Photograph during your walk and hikes interesting flowering plants for us. This app is now available for all popular mobile phones (iOS, Android). 




The app will be constantly developed. If you have any questions, suggestions and/or criticism regarding the app, please contact: support@floraincognita.com